Looking at Vertov and more Pd Experiments.

Got an idea while watching ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ what struck me as interesting in the clip that I have uploaded is the way that the shots are organized based on movement towards the camera, movement away from the camera, movement right to left and movement left to right.

Decided to organize the 78 clips I have created thus far using a similar principle.
And then made two sub patches to co-ordinate their playback.

What happens is that when one clip loads into the top window, it’s opposite will load into the bottom window. It was suggested some time ago (by Ed I think) that I should adopt a method similar to this, however I resisted for some time because I quite liked the seemingly haphazard way my material was presented. This kind of formal structure was a bit more cerebral than I would ideally have liked. However I was wrong to doubt the effectiveness of this technique, this simple means of categorizing clips has made the composition much more fluid and watchable and the formal categorizations are subtle enough to go generally un-noticed I think, it just makes the whole thing a bit less jarring.
Have completely dismantled my existing P.D patch, and am starting again from scratch, concentrating on the pseudo randomness now and getting some good results.
Looking forward to publishing a new example of my re-built Pd patch in action some time nxt week, Stay tuned.