My PD Patch.

Still lots of work to do. this is the patch which will eventually control the outer two screens. It basically creates two gem heads (within one monitor) one above the over, and loads a new video clip (from a range of 51) every 6 seconds.
Happy that this is working well now, no crashes and nice clean video images using ‘motion jpg A’ with scaled down HD footage recorded mostly on a 3 chip camera. There are also two channels of audio which are synced to the videos some featuring digetic sound and some featuring artificial sounds.

Made some interesting variations on this patch which I will publish later, (still trying to conceptualize one or two interesting discoveries I have made)

The main things I need to do now are.

(1) adding video and sound to the existing database (would like 600 clips at least before the exhibition) .
(2) The pseudo randomness created with the P.D random object isn’t feeling random enough, need to work on this.
(3) I need to either; network 3 computers together and make my patch work in synch across 3 computers, or install a new graphics card into my own computer to support dual monitors. I think I can get away with running two versions of the same patch on one machine, since each pd patch that I load should in theory allocate itself to a separate processor, since I have two processors on my machine I should be able to run two PD patches simultaneously with each sending output to a separate monitor. Even in this scenario I would still need to network a second computer to mine in order to support the third screen.

Here is a little clip of my patch in action, don’t think the video really does justice to my footage since the picture quality is not good here (was filmed of a monitor screen), I will try and upload a better example soon. For the time being at least I will present this 2 min clip of my PD patch doing it’s thing. (no sound)


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