Unit 1 Research Paper_Looking at Screens.

Looking at screens_Research Paper_Andrew Burgess.pdf

Uploaded my research paper to WordPress for anyone who is interested.(link above) Bit disappointed with the final piece.

I think my arguments are well researched and interesting, but needed to spend longer editing and proof reading, since there are some rough patches.

Anyway happy this is done so I can move on with my life.


3 thoughts on “Unit 1 Research Paper_Looking at Screens.

  1. Just read your abstract Andrew. It was very thought-provoking and reminded me of some of the lines of enquiry in the writings of Manovich and Barthes. This kind of discussion is going to become more and more current as the future of media evolves (re the screen etc). It even reminds me of my own thesis which questions the future from a different angle. Manovich discusses technology within a space in one of his recent essays and refers to the screen in Language of New Media. It is one of the issues which will be highly topical over the next few decades.

    • Thanks for showing an interest, and taking the time to comment. Always greatly appreciative for feedback. Funnily I am reading the Language of New Media at the moment (I wish I had read it before I wrote my paper) it is highly relevant .
      Will be sure to have a look at your own research paper soon, and will post my thoughts.
      Hope you are well.

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