77 Million paintings by Brian Eno.



Above are some screen grabs showing moments from 77 Million paintings by Brian Eno. What this is, is a computer program which uses algorithm to compile images and a soundtrack based on overlaying and manipulating a finalized database of media curated by Eno.

The images which Eno describes as ‘Paintings of Light’ are never static they are constantly morphing and changing form. The slow tempo of the work denies any potential for the work to become entertaining or captivating. The intention of Eno was to create an ambient, decorative piece that creates a sense of synergy with the environment in which it is situated, in opposition to the convention of screen based art that is designed to dominate and distract from the world around it.

The piece is sold as a DVD rom art work, like an art installation designed for domestic environments. There is a documentary film about the work which accompanies the disk. (Available in Camberwell Library for any UAL people who might be interested “77 million paintings [videorecording DVD] / by Brian Eno. / Eno, Brian, 1948- / [U.K.] : All Saints Records, c2007.
Shelfmark: 709.4271 ENO”).

Here are a couple of quotation from the documentary that I find interesting.

“this piece really arose out of an idea of trying to make the work that normally you could only see in an instillation context available in other places”

“People generally have larger screens and better quality screens, so that you can start to think of the screen as paining, as a picture that you would want to look at as I said people usually have larger screens now and I am sure this trend will continue and that means that they have got these big objects sitting in there rooms which a lot of the time are dormant, if you are not actually watching television what you have is a big black hole in the wall. This is intended to occupy that down time, so that instead of having a dead hole in the wall you have a living picture and I hope that in future as screens get cheaper and computers get cheaper people might start to think that they have a few of these around their home. ”

“I think of these things really as visual music”



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