Thoughts about interface.

What is interface?

The word face has a variety of different uses, in language we make reference to the face of a clock, or the face of a problem and we refer to those who are two faced and thus people whose dishonour is somehow metaphorically suggested my their extra-face.

The face beyond the face, then it would seem is an idea that evokes some sense of distrust, deception, darkness.
And so from the face beyond or the extra face, we come to the interface.
What is Interface?
This word is so common and in it’s general usage it seems to describe the organizational structure, the agent which directs and controls an encounter. In technological terms we make frequent reference to the Graphic User Interface or Gui being the visual system that regulates and organizes interaction between a user and the device they are using. It would seem then that the notion of functionality is a key feature in what we think about when using the term interface.
For arguments sake, lets say that the interface is in some sense a solution, a solution that enables one entity to engage with another. This text for example could be seen as an interface that mediates between the writer and the reader. But what if a problem could also be a form of interface? and what if dysfunction could also be a feature of an interface?
The interface in this sense could be the action which mediates between an intention and a result (or in other words a problem or a solution).
To take things a stage further we could isolate discussion within the realm of the human subjective experience, and thus talk of the present as being the interface of past and future.

I believe certain artworks are at war with their own interface because of the way they disrupt time and place, while sharing a desire to absorb empty space and dysfunction within themselves. I see this as a prominent feature of artwork from the expressionist era and also much art work from the digital era.


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