Idea and Video + the Sterilisation of ideas through Platonic forms.


In preface to Plato, the scholar Eric A.Havelock argues that the realm of the forms may also have revealed it’s self to Plato through the alphabet.

Havelock points out that the etymological root of the term idea, which also gives us the word Video has a visual connotation. Havelock argues that Platonic forms were conceived as analogies to visual forms, not just the perfect shapes of geometry, but the visual forms of the alphabet. Like letters Platonic ideas were immobile, isolated, and devoid of warmth and secondary qualities; they seem to transcend the world at hand. As David Abram observes, ’the letters and the written words that they present, are not subject to the flux of growth and decay, to the perturbations and cyclical changes common to other visible things; they seems to hover as it were, in another, strangely timeless dimension.’

Pg 34

TechGnosis – Myth and Mysticism in the age of Information
Erik Davis

Serpent’s Tail; New edition edition (12 Nov 2004)


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