Introduction; TechGnosis – Myth and Mysticism in the age of Information

cover8‘My Topic my seem rather obscure at first, for common sense tells us that mysticism has no more in common with technology than the twilight cry of wild swans has with the clatter of Rock ‘em Sock’em robots. Historians and sociologists inform us that the west’s mystical heritage of occult dreamings, spiritual transformations and apocalyptic visions crashed on the shores of the modern age. According to this narrative, technology has helped disenchant the world, forcing the ancestral symbolic networks of old to give way to the crisp, secular game plans of economic development, sceptical enquiry and material progress. But the old phantasms and metaphysical longings did not exactly disappear. In many cases, they disguised themselves and went underground, worming their way into the cultural, psychological, and mythological motivations that form the foundation of the modern world.’

pg 5

TechGnosis – Myth and Mysticism in the age of Information
Erik Davis

Serpent’s Tail; New edition edition (12 Nov 2004)


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