Freud’s thoughts on Art + The Artist

cover6Art Brings about a reconciliation between the two principles in a peculiar way. An Artist is originally a man who turns away from reality because he cannot come to terms with the renunciation of instinctual satisfaction which it at first demands, and who allows his erotic and ambitious wishes fulplay in the life of phantasy.

He finds the way back to reality however, from this world of phantasy by making use of special gifts to mould his phantasies into truths of a new kind, which are valued by men as precious reflections of reality. Thus in a certain fashion he actually becomes the hero, the king , the creator or the favourite he desired to be, without following the long round about path of making real alterations in the external world.

Two Principles of Mental Functioning

Pg 42 On Metapsychology – The Theory of Psychoanalysis: “Beyond the Pleasure Principle”, “Ego and the Id” and Other Works (Penguin Freud Library)


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