Faustian view of technology from Seperation Anxiety

front-cover8”These considerations help us to see how psychological defences against seperation anxiety – against early feelings of helplessness and dependence – can be elaborated in human culture. One way to deny our dependence on nature (on mother’s) is to invent technologies designed to make ourselves masters of nature. Technology, when it is conceived in this way, embodies an attitude toward nature diametrically opposed to the explanatory attitude, as Klein calls it. It expresses a collective revolt against the limitations of the human condition. It appeals to the residual belief that we can bend the world to our desires, harness nature to our own purposes, and achieve a state of complete self-sufficiency. This Faustian view of technology has been a powerful force in western history, reaching it’s climax in the industrial revolution with it’s remarkable gains in productivity, and in the even more remarkable advances promised by the post-industrial information explosion.”

Pg 243-244
The Culture of Narcissism
Christopher Lasch

W W Norton & Co Ltd; New edition edition (15 Jan 1979)


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