Embalming Ritual – Transfiguration


”The Goal of the embalming ritual is a state of unity. ‘
‘Just as the magic of writing is able to capture a make visible a meaning, so to is the person captured and made visible as a symbolic form or hieroglyph in the mummy. ‘
‘A function of these transfiguring recitations is to collect, so to speak the limbs of the body, imagined as being scattered, into a text which it as a new. Such descriptions normally list the individual body parts from top to bottom, begining with the head and equate them with deities, we would like to look at a closer example of this form it is part of a liturgy for the dead of the middle kingdom (19th century B.C) entitled ‘Uniting the Limbs of a transfigured one for him in the Necropolis’.

It contains the following text.

you have taken shape by being the entirety of all the gods;

Your Head is Re 

Your face is Upeat

Your noise is Jackal (Anubis)

etc. ”

Pg: 54.
Remembering the Body.
By A. Assmann (Author), J. Assmann (Author), G. Brandstetter (Author, Editor), et al (Author), H. Volckers(Editor)

Publisher: Hatje Cantz (Jun 2000)



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