La Jette – Chris Marker

This is one of my favourite short films, it seems to get better each time I watch it.
Anyway one of the things that impresses me about La Jette, is that I find  new ways to interpret the film every time I watch it.
This makes for a quick and easy blog entry, since I don’t have to spend ages writing up a long winded de -construction, because if I did so I would just want to change almost everything later on.
The thing that is interesting about this work in relation to my previous entry about Martin Arnold is the notion of consciousness folding in upon itself, the narrative tells the story of a consciousness that implodes, leaving just images, not images but a mechanical residue of past moments and distant places, questions about perception and questions about history and questions about mechanical devices regulating experience and experience regulating consciousness and consciousness being a mechanical device and thus a loop of sorts, (not sure whos regulating the mechanical devices) in which a boy can witness his own death and someone can live and die in the past and in the future simulatanously. (this film will make you wish you were stoned even if you’re not). Anyway Don’t want to write to much about La-Jette, because I enjoy the enigmatic feel of it and don’t want to challenge this. Chris Marker is a very interesting charechter also, and equally if not more enigmatic than this film, (it has been remarked that he is a time traveller from the future perhaps) anyway doing some research on him at the moment (or trying to, doesn’t seem to be many sources). If anyone reads this and can direct me towards anything about or by Chris Marker I would be grateful, I have one book on him called ‘Remembering the Future’ and the only other work of his I can find is Sans Solei, which is also fantastic, though very different, maybe another blog later about this later.


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